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aveam nevoie de un punct de sprijin... sa rastorn universul in paharul amar al ideilor si al notelor triste de ieri... sau de azi, aveam.
aveam nevoie de universul perfect, inocent, perfectibil al unor amintiri... bantuind ieri, azi indoiala, certitudinea zilei si cerul decolorat, aspru, inert.
aveam... nevoie aveam, de univers sa gaseasca o jumatate sfertului meu de vis...
te stiam doar pe tine...


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a b z

death is lighter than a feather and a leaf
life is heavier than the breath we take
..every second of every minute of every hours of every day

am crezut dintotdeauna ca totul este doar o stare de spirit, nu am crezut in idei, in cuvinte in  albastrul marii sau inaltul divin..
am crezut dintotdeauna in eternitatea clipei prin aceea ca firul de nisip nu inseamna nimic mai mult decat toate astea la un loc si destinate unui alt nisip, nisip intr.o alta stare de agregare, intr.o alta stare de spiirit.. nisip intors pentru inca o era si pentru inca niste pasi..
nu am crezut in tine.. nu.. nu am stiut si nu voi putea sa te am dincolo de cuvintele usoare, cvintele mari, cuvintele culese din amintirea ta si din lipsa ta, cuvinte dincolo de orice abecedar si vanate dincolo de semn

death is not lighter than a feather and a leaf
life is not heavier than the breath we take
.. thru all the seconds of all the minutes of all the hours of all the days

and our life is as real as a b z
and our love no…

foreshadow.. or the watchers of the sky

in fact we all pay with time
and we pay in full..

why people love other people I heard just the other day..
a day i loved by the vanilla frame, the light, the foam cloud with funny shapes, the salty and simple scent of a woman, the unimpaired colour of the sky..

order is some king of enslavement, pay day a bit of potential anarchy..

time is not money after all, and if we pay in time imagine..
imagine all the people..
imagine the derivatives on that
we might be the piggy banks and..
how about the change on everything..

how about that..

about the tag on love for you..

..confessive .. lost in her time